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image of a set of commercial doors with automatic closers and panic bars (top), and a key card reader in an office building

We can help protect your business with high-security commercial-grade doors with automatic closers and crash bars (top), and a key card security system that will ensure only the people you want to have access to your property can get in.

For the security conscious business in the greater Trinidad, Colorado area, Select Pro Locksmith is standing by with a wealth of services to better secure your property, automate your commercial security, and streamline the process you are using to protect your commercial property.

Whenever one looks at commercial security, alarms and deadbolt serve as a deterrent to would-be burglars. Furthermore, a tightly controlled security system helps limit the biggest source of loss, internal theft, as employees become aware of their accountability should the security methods work as advertised.

Speaking with a commercial locksmith is the first step in knowing what would work best for your company.

Select Pro Will Help You Develop a Security Plan that Works

Whether you are thinking about rekeying the deadbolt lock on your business’ computer server door, replacing the door hardware on your outside loading docks, or thinking about taking your entire security situation to the next level with electronic locks, panic devices, and a high tech keypad lock, we can help guide your decisions based on what you really need and what you can afford.

A stringent security system has a great number of moving pieces to ensure that your premises are protected at all times, so let us have a look at your security needs before drawing up a business locksmith plan that guarantees that you have all of the angles covered when it comes to your commercial security needs.

The key to success in business is reducing loss and reducing risk, and both of those start at the front door of your business.

Protecting Employees and Protecting Inventory

Good employees are the lifeblood of any businesses commercial activity while dishonest actors can threaten the entire edifice from within through theft and bad employee morale that results. While you have to trust your team, the prudent manager “trusts and verifies” through a comprehensive internal security

A good commercial locksmith that you can trust will be able to outline any number of high tech remedies that provides for accountability and tracking of employee movement and activities throughout the building. Beyond recommending the installation of a strong security lock, they can present a host of options to secure your inventory that include:

  • Commercial-grade doors
  • Badge readers
  • Key Card Security Systems
  • Crash bars
  • Exit Devices
  • Security Locks
  • Electronic Locks
  • Much more

A high tech security environment, provided by a skilled commercial locksmith is the first step in assuring that your company is not going to easily fall victim to a burglary attempt.

Call a Commercial Locksmith You can Trust

When it comes to working with a professional locksmith service, you need to be able to trust the advice and expertise that they offer, so you will want to work with a local shop that is reliable. For a Trinidad, Colorado commercial locksmith that you can trust, contact Select Pro Locksmith to determine your best course of action. Offering a fully mobile locksmith service, we also have a brick and mortar establishment that we invite you to come visit our shop for answers all of your security questions. Let us appraise your security needs and offer a solution guaranteed to meet your specific commercial locksmith needs without breaking your budget.


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