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An increasing number of homes and businesses are relying on safes to store valuables and confidential information. Safes add an extra layer of security and although they used to be found mainly in commercial settings, recently more and more homeowners have safes in their homes. Select Pro Locksmith can service any type of safe no matter if it’s a jewelry safe, an American-made gun safe, wall safe, floor safe, safe box or bolt down safe. We service top brands including Liberty safe, Sentry safe, Amsec Safe, Champion safe, and Hollon safe.

image of types of safes including wall, free-standing, floor and gun safes

If you’re in need of a safe, call us to discuss your needs. We can install a variety of safes as shown here: wall, freestanding, in-floor, and gun safes.

Safe Service and Installation

Select Pro Locksmith can service and install a safe. If you want a floor safe, we’ll choose a location that is inconspicuous so that the safe will be hidden. Once the ideal location for the safe is located, we’ll cut a hole in the flooring and the correct size to accommodate the safe. And in some cases, we can even install a floor safe in a concrete floor. If a wall safe is more practical, we’ll determine the best place for the safe to go. A closet or other hidden area is ideal for safe installation since doing so allows the safe to stay hidden. We’ll cut a hole in the drywall and install the safe.

Safe Opening

cannon safe drilling open

We can drill your safe open if it is locked. Then, we can repair the safe so there is no visible damage.

If you lose the key to your safe and need to open it, Select Pro Locksmith can help with that. We use several methods to safely open your safe without damaging the safe or the contents within. First, we will drill a small hole in the safe to see how the lock works. Once we determine how the lock works, we can manipulate the lock and open the safe. This is the preferred method because it’s fast and causes minimal damage. If the safe contains extra security, then we’ll need to scope the safe. This involves drilling a small hole in the safe and inserting a borescope which allows us to determine how to bypass the security measures in place and open the safe. This causes some cosmetic damage, but you can still use the safe. If all else fails, we’ll need to cut the locked safe open. This is the last resort because this method will render your safe unusable.

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Gun Safe Combo Changes

If you feel the combination for your home safe has been compromised or you’ve forgotten the combination, you can depend on Select Pro Locksmith to change the safe combination. We can decode or change the safe combination. It can be reset to factory settings so that you’ll be able to use the safe and set a new combination.

Safe Locksmith Near Me

Select Pro Locksmith is located in Trinidad, CO. In addition to our walk-in location, we also offer a convenient mobile service. If you need a locksmith service that is second to none, then look no further than Select Pro Locksmith. Give us a call today.


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